The Luella and Udell Koblitz Camp DuBois Scholarships

Once again the Koblitz family is offering to help as many children as possible thru the church to attend Camp DuBois this summer. There will be 10 fully paid scholarships to Horsin' Around, Saddle 'Em Up, Wrangler and Pony Express.

To take advantage of this generous offer remember these things:
  • First, you need to attend Christ UCC. After May 1st, any child can apply for this camp assistance.
  • Remember there are only 10 offers. When that number is reached, that is it.
  • Speak to the church first before you fill out an application to attend camp; if you do not, you may not receive this generous offer.

Camp DuBois Scholarships 2018 - Christ UCC

Christ UCC believes that attending church camp is an important part of of a child's Christian Education and wish to help every child of the church attend. If you wish to take advantage of any assistance, please fill out the attached form and turn it into the church office before mailing registration to DuBois.
  1. Review your camp choices and fill out your DuBois Registration form
  2. Bring your DuBois registration form to the church office
  3. Mail your DuBois registration to DuBois
No scholarship help will be given for camp if the registration form is submitted to DuBois prior to contacting the church office.

Christ United Church of Christ Dupo, Illinois,
Apr 9, 2018, 7:09 PM