CUCC Confirmation Class

CONGRATULATIONS 2019 - 2020 Confirmation Class!!

Jake, Grace, and Page

Previous Confirmation Classes:

What is Confirmation?
A definition: Confirmation is a rite of the church wherein a person who has been baptized "confirms" the vows his/her parents made at the time of baptism and makes his/her own.  If one has not been baptized and desires to be confirmed, such will happen at the end of the confirmation process.  As a result of this profession of personal faith, the individual is admitted into the full privileges and responsibilities of membership of the church of Jesus Christ.

Why do we have confirmation instruction?
Confirmation instruction is an educational program of the church which is intended to acquaint young people of the church with the beliefs, history, and practices of the church.  This program is also intended to aid them in making an intelligent and informed decision as they decide to make their confirmation vows.  This program of instruction and decision will last 15 months.

What are the expectations for the confirmands?
1.  Regular attendance at class sessions.
2.  Lessons read and homework completed for each session.
3.  Participation in worship and special services on a regular basis.
4.  Each class member will serve as an acolyte on a rotating basis.
5.  Each class member will take part in times of service and a mission trip.
6.  A personal Statement of Faith will be written and presented by each cofirmand prior to confirmation.