Ecuador Trip - July 2016

Hola...Finally.  First let me begin with two things.  1. I apologize for the fact that it has taken me one week to put up my first post. 2. I have had the most amazing week and I believe that was the biggest contributing factor to number one.

After a pretty long delay in Dallas due to rerouting around a storm in Central American we had a nice flight south. The group consisted of six youth (1 from Columbia, 1 from Mascoutah, and 4 from Belleville) and six adults.  It is always exciting when a new group start out and this one was especially exciting since we had six teenagers. :) 
The group had a nice sendoff St.Paul Belleville.  

Landing in Quito and going through customs went very quickly which was nice because we were already arriving  two hours later than we expected.  Once we were safe and sound at the good ole Hotel Dan (at 1:30 am) we settled in for a short night's sleep.

Weekend in Quito
After a late breakfast the group headed off to do some site-seeing. We started at Parque El Ejido for a taste of Ecuadorian culture.  The kids really liked the small market where they were eager to spend their money.  This also eased them into the bartering process and prepared them for the larger market that we visited next in the middle of Quito.  

One of my favorite booths. 

Internet is not cooperating....Will finish tomorrow.