Sat., July 4 through Mon., July 6, 2015:

We spent the weekend with the family at the mountain home.  We made lunch, played games, talked and laughed... a lot.

The fritada we had for lunch was boiled pork that was then fried in this HUGE pot.  It is a traditional dish of Ecuador.  I have had it before, but none this delicious.   
This picture of Galina with the pot shows just how large it is.

The house sits next to this river and there are lots of flowers all around.  Simply beautiful.

Being with this family has been a wonderful experience.  They opened up their home to me and made me feel as if I was part of the family.  I will be forever grateful for the memories.

On Monday we flew back to Quito.  There, we met up with the group from the conference for the covenant renewal meeting.  We spent the night in Cotopaxi for a morning meeting with FEDICE at the child care center.

Tue., July 7, 2015:

We spend the day in Romerillos for the FEDICE reevaluation meeting.  I learned a great deal about the work that FEDICE does within the 10 communities in the highlands of Ecuador. There are 305 families who have benefited from FEDICE loans and business assistance. Some of the women's groups have become very successful and completely independent.

After the meeting was over we had the dedication ceremony for the second floor of the daycare center.  The ceremony was really more of a celebration. There was a band and the children danced in traditional costumes.  Here are some pictures from the very fun day.


These pictures are of the new sign at Lisa's Angels and the opening of the medical clinic in the community.  The medical clinic is a wonderful addition to the community.
The cuy, or, as we know it... guinea pig.
Yes, I tried it.  No, I did not like it. 
It tasted fishy.

Wed., July 8 through Fri., July 10, 2015:

The rest of the week consisted of meetings with each of the other four partners.  We left the hotel in the morning at 8:00 and didn't return until after dinner.  They were long days, but beneficial.  I learned so much about each of them and, through our discussions, worked to strengthen the relationships with each.

I will post a few pictures, but right now I am repacking for a weekend trip to Banos.  It is beautiful!!!  Just Google it and you will see.  I can't wait to post pictures which I WILL do Sunday night.  Love you all... only 1 week left.  :)