Youth Mission Trip
Emmaus Homes, Marthasville, MO
August 3 - 6, 2014
L to R:  Derek, Evan, Bryanna, Lauren, Justin, Claire, Pastor Todd, Rachael, Mandy

Of course, we had to show our goofy sides too:

Three adults and six youth left Sunday, August 3, right after church to to spend a few days at Emmaus Homes in Marthasville, MO.
The dorms were full because there was a group from Wisconsin and one of the houses was having some work done so some of the Emmaus residents were also in the dorms.  So, our group was assigned to stay in the old rectory.

After we arrived, we took a tour of the campus, unpacked, made tacos for dinner, and spent the evening playing games.

Derek may have convinced some of us that if you lay your ear on the road you can hear cars coming from miles away.  Yes, some of our group may be a little gullible.  :)

On Monday morning, we split into three groups to visit the houses and take residents on outings.

Mandy, Rachael, and Bryanna went to the Senior Center to help with activities and have lunch.

Pastor Todd, Evan, and Justin went to the bowling alley and had lunch back at Emmaus.

Derek, Claire, and Lauren went to Bass Pro Shop and helped the residents get around the store.  After Bass Pro Shop they had lunch at Golden Corral.

The group likes to have fun and tease each other, so Derek, Claire, and Lauren made sure to send Mandy this picture of them eating cotton candy while she was having lima beans at the Senior Center.

After our outings, everyone returned to campus to begin our work project.  We were assigned to clean up all of the garden areas around the old rectory so we spent the afternoon pulling weeds and cleaning out debris.

When our afternoon work was done, we took a break to visit Friendship Pond before joining the residents and the group from Wisconsin for water games and ice cream and root beer floats.


Tuesday was Derek's birthday, so we made a cake on Monday night that we gave to him early Tuesday morning.

Tuesday morning we separated into groups again and went to spend time in some of the homes with the residents.  In the afternoon, we spent some time playing Frisbee and visiting the local factory, Tempco, where some of the residents work.  After break time was over we went back to our work project and started adding mulch to the beds we had cleared on Monday.


Tuesday evening we played kickball and had snow-cones with the residents and the group from Wisconsin then headed back to the rectory to relax and talk.

On Wednesday morning we cleaned up the rectory to make sure we weren't leaving a mess behind then took one last picture on the porch before we left.  Brenda is in the middle of the picture.  She is one of the people who works at Emmaus and helped us during our stay.