Guidelines For Worship and Gathering Again

The Consistory and Worship Board have put together the following guidelines in an attempt to safely, and with a caring spirit, allow for worship to happen in this house of God, in these CO-VID days.

1) If you aren't feeling well, please stay at home. We'd love to see everyone, but perhaps it would be best to wait until the next Sunday.

2) Bring your mask with you to worship; if you don't have a mask the church will have one for you to use and keep. Everyone is strongly encouraged to wear a mask during worship for their sake and the sake of others.

3) Use the front door only for entrance and exit; it will be propped open before and after church. Hand sanitizer stations will be available at the bottom of the stairs by the entrance and at the top of the stairs near the entry to the sanctuary.

4) The water fountains will be shut off and we ask that you please avoid the restrooms if at all possible. Bottled water will be available to all who want it.

5) The Freight Elevator will be used due to distance and space requirements. The Freight Elevator is located in the front of the church.

6) No congregating in the hallway; please go straight to your pew when entering.

7) One Usher will be around the entry way to the sanctuary. The usher will remain socially distant: offering greetings/welcome; directing traffic; answering questions.

8) Only sit in pews where bulletins will already be pre-placed. Ribbon will designate where people will sit and not sit.

9) The Offering plates will be placed by the entrance to the sanctuary where offering can be dropped in. Please drop in your offering as you enter or leave the church

10) Pastor will verbally dismiss pews starting from the back.

11) Please leave your pew and exit the church. If you would like to congregate/visit, please do so outside.

12) No child care/nursery will be provided during church. Children should stay with those they came with.